My name is Alexis Bouckaert, aka MrBou. I'm a French creative director and web designer, living in Dublin for about 15 years now. I am currently working in Rothco where I am Digital Creative Director.
Have a look at my portfolio or check out my blog below for posts on digital creative and personal updates.

What I’ve been up to the past few weeks


Rule No 7 of blog-writing says: ‘Don’t start a post apoligising for not having written in a long time.’.

Well…this pretty much is a diary type entry, focusing on (I blush) me, and it’ll explain why I’ve been so quiet on the blog front after doing quite well for some time.

First of all, I joined Rothco (one of Dublin’s leading advertising agencies) some 2 months ago. It’s early days yet, so I leave the grump at home for the moment and I seem to get along very well with everyone. Well, by that I mean no-one’s called me a ‘moody French prick’ yet… Read on

WordCamp Ireland Presentation:

March 7 2010, in Events, Irish Digital, My work

Back in Dublin after a great week-end in Kilkenny for WordCamp Ireland. Many thanks to Sabrina Dent and Katherine Nolan for organising a great even with diverse talks catering to a mixed and unexpectedly large audience.
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Portfolio updated

February 15 2010, in My work

Finally got around to updating my portfolio.
There’s a couple new campaigns and tons of screengrabs. I’m using Shadowbox, a great lightbox script which works well for all sorts of file types. More to follow soon…There’s a few other campaigns I plan on putting up there.

Why design resign in a recession


I resigned recently from my position as joint Creative Director, and Studio Manager, of Cybercom. It’s a bit of an under-statement to say that it followed serious consideration of just how wise it is to hand in your notice in the middle of a world-wide recession.

I had been as guilty as most studio heads, too busy with getting the work done to notice how things were changing around me.
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Speaking at WordCamp Ireland 2010

February 10 2010, in Events, Irish Digital, My work


WordCamp IRL

I’m very flattered and dead chuffed to be speaking at WorldCamp Ireland, March 6th & 7th 2010 in Limerick, em Thurles, no…Kilkenny (thanks Nick for the edit…) .

I will take part in the Use Case Scenarios panel and will cover how Wordpress i perfect for developing cost-effective charity websites.

Now I’ve about a month to try and conquer the usual stage-fright and put on paper whatever worthwhile information may – or may not – be floating about in that wet brain of mine…